Paul Allan ECR Bursary

About Dr Paul Allan

Dr Paul Allan was President of SRS 2004-6. He was a respected Edinburgh Radiologist with a prodigious appetite for work. He was at the forefront of developing applications for Doppler, driving forward standards in this area of ultrasound. He wrote more than 80 peer reviewed papers, 20 book chapters and obtained £3 million of research grants. In addition to Clinical Doppler Ultrasound, which has gone to several editions, and sold more than 10,000 copies, he jointly edited , with Drs Grant Baxter and Mike Weston, the 2011 edition of Clinical Ultrasound, the definitive UK text on ultrasound.

Dr Allan was heavily involved in undergraduate and post graduate medical education. He ran the South East of Scotland Training Scheme in Radiology for a time and held several positions within the Royal College of Radiologists, including the post responsible for vetting training schemes throughout UK.

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Details of the Paul Allan ECR Bursary

The SRS is delighted to announce that funding is available to support trainee members who are presenting at the European Congress of Radiology.

Four bursaries up to £500 each are offered annually to help trainees cover any travel related expenses.

Application guidelines:

  1. An application form should be filled and submitted to society secretary.
  2. Information provided should include the project title, a copy of the accepted abstract, projected cost of the journey and any other funding applied for/received
  3. A copy of the applicant’s CV should accompany the application.
  4. Successful applicants are expected to submit a report of the educational experience and present the study at the next SRS Spring Meeting.
  5. Applications are to be submitted by 17th of December 2017 23:59 GMT.  Outcome of the application will be available by the 12th of January 2018

Click here to submit an application.


Previous Bursary Awardees:

2018: Dr Michael Bonnici-Mallia –  attended European Congress of Radiology Vienna 2018

2018:  Dr Suzanne McLenachan –  attended European Congress of Radiology Vienna 2018

2018: Dr Mark Hall – attended European Congress of Radiology Vienna 2018