Be a Radiologist

Are you interested in how imaging helps with managing clinical conditions?

Radiology is an exciting and expanding clinical specialty – looking for young enthusiastic trainees just like you!

Information regarding eligibility, application process, interesting statistics on applicants/posts and all things relevant to Radiology training in the UK is available at the Royal College of Radiology website –


Radiology training in Scotland is delivered in 4 main centres : East of Scotland (Dundee), North of Scotland (Aberdeen), South East Scotland (Edinburgh) and West of Scotland (Glasgow).

Information about each scheme is available via the Scottish Medical Training website. Applications and interviews are run nationally through London, further information in the SMT link. Applications typically open in November, with interviews following in January and offers from March.

Since a change in the recruitment process in 2016, the competition ratio has been around 3.5 applicants per post. There has been a recent commitment by the Scottish Government to increase the number of trainee places in Scotland, which makes now the perfect time to apply!


Once you get into the training scheme, it’s a time for exciting learning and of course passing the necessary examinations.

Information regarding the examination structure and process is available via the Royal College of Radiologists. The exam format has been updated in Spring 2018, with new Scottish sites available for the Part 1 and the written components of the final 2B examinations.

Interesting sites for information and study resources include:

The Society of Radiologists in Training
Radiology Cafe

Taster sessions

Are you a medical student or foundation doctor who is wanting to find out more about radiology and the life of a radiologist? Why not join us for a SSC, elective or taster week? You are also welcome at the SRS meetings which run twice a year.