SRS Insignia

The Insignia

A presidential badge of office was presented in 1962 by a distinguished therapist, Dr J C Davidson of Glasgow, in memory of his mother. The design and manufacture of the insignia were specially commissioned by Dr Davidson from John Leckie Auld of Glasgow School of Art. A thistle suspension was introduced in place of a more medical symbol originally planned, to emphasise the Scottish identity. The centre consists of a perfect flawless crystal cut to scintillate light. This symbolised the sun, the principal source of light and radioactivity. Rays, both wave-like white and straight piercing gold, radiate into space bounded by a blue annullet of enamel. The original design placed the cabochon cut garnets on the front of the enamel but this was changed to the edge to accommodate the title of the Society. The garnets represent electrons in orbit as it was felt that this reflected some similarity in atomic structure and the solar arrangement of matter. A miniature replica of the badge is presented to retiring presidents of the Society.