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Welcome to the home of SRS-X, the radiology educational resource from the Scottish Radiological Society. This site has a long lineage, its forerunner being the first UK based radiology resource on the web, back in the last millenium, 1995.

The site has two main sections: 1. our bank of Radiology Cases, for diagnosis practise, and, 2. our multiple choice quizzes, for further study. You can access these sections using the links below.

Radiology Cases

Multiple Choice Question Bank

RCR Trainee’s Logbook for Mac or PC

Trainees in the UK are required to maintain a log book of their work and experience. This computerised logbook, written by Dr Raj Burgul, is a stand alone program that will run on any suitable Mac, PC or PDA (Palm or Pocket PC). Details from their website, from where the file may be downloaded.


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