Other Meetings

Radiology Meetings which might be of interest to

Fusion Imaging : Whole body and Hybrid Imaging in Oncology, May 4-6, Heidelberg, Germany.

26th ESGAR CT Colonography Handson Workshop 2017, May 10-11, Torino, Italy.

American College of Radiology 2017, May 21-25, Washington, USA.

97th German Radiology Congress, May 24-27, Leipzig, Germany.

BIR PET/CT for the General Radiologist, 7 June, Glasgow, UK.

UK Radiological Congress, June 12-14, Manchester, UK.

European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology Annual Congress, June 15-17, Bari,Italy.

European Society of Thoracic Imaging/World Congress Thoracic Imaging, June 18-21, Boston, USA.

European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology AGM, June 20-23, Athens, Greece.

Edinburgh Thoracic CT Course, 4-5 September, Edinburgh, UK.

CIRSE 2017, September 16-20, Copenhagen, Denmark.

European Society of Breast Imaging AGM, September 22-23, Berlin, German.

BIR Learning from errors and discrepancies in clinical radiology, 6 October, Edinburgh, UK.